Herbata i wycieczki

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Catering dla szkół wyższych

Jersey College for Girls (JCG) and Jersey College Preparatory School (JCP) offer a variety of fresh, healthy, and nutritious food options for students and staff. The College's vision is to encourage exploration of new tastes and promote healthier food choices. A recent survey gathered feedback, leading to a commitment to enhance the dining environment, be more sustainable and provide a wider range of quality produce and services.

As well as catering for many of the events which take place across the College, the Catering Team prepares daily breakfast, break, and lunch options, emphasising balanced and flavourful meals. The main dining area, The Dome, serves as a central hub for students to gather and enjoy meals and social time. Special themed feasts align with observances, celebrations, and festivals throughout the year, including the International Food Festival in June.

Safety and hygiene are paramount, with regular audits ensuring high standards. The College introduced a cashless system for school meal payments, offering convenience and security through SmartCard, facial recognition, or username options.

Zdrowe odżywianie w Jersey College for Girls

The College prioritises healthy eating, adhering to Jersey Schools Food Standards. Dietary requirements are accommodated, with efforts to manage allergens and provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The Catering Team focuses on sourcing high-quality, locally-produced ingredients for freshly prepared meals.

Improved Sustainability & Recycling Options

Sustainability initiatives include water bottle refilling stations across the College, in collaboration with Ernst & Young, reducing single-use plastic, and collaborating with Jersey Water to provide reusable water bottles; these cost £2.50 each with all proceeds going directly to Jersey’s Teenage Cancer Trust. Recycling bins are available across the campus, supporting conservation projects like Durrell’s Cans for Corridors.

School Lunches for JCP

Parents can pre-order school-packed lunches for JCP students using online systems. Groups of KS2 students are accompanied to The Dome at lunchtime, where they choose and enjoy a hot meal.

For more information about lunches at JCP, visit this page

Future plans include promotions, meal deals, and the introduction of an on-site café with ethically sourced beverages and a selection of freshly prepared food.

Feedback from the College community is actively sought, and the Catering Team welcomes comments and suggestions for improvement.