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Programy indywidualne

Jersey College for Girls invites you to experience the unique environment that is the beautiful island of Jersey, with us as your hosts. You can create a bespoke package just for you and your school, choosing the focus for your visit, whether it be learning, exploration, discovery or empowerment.

When you explore with us you will:

  • Embrace island adventures
  • Discover unique ecosystems
  • Learn about our heritage
  • Enjoy new friendships and international connections

You can experience:

  • Intensive language training
  • Biodiversity projects
  • Water sports; surfing, sailing, scuba diving
  • History, castles and WWII
  • Cultural immersion
  • STEM challenges
  • Business and finance


Location: Jersey College for Girls, Jersey, UK
Dates: All year
Participants: Students aged between 11-18 years old
Group size: 30 max


Average cost of a progarmme: £150 / day*

*Includes accommodation, food, and all activities

Wyślij nam e-mail aby dowiedzieć się więcej.